Toys Are Just

by Carlo Meriano

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The Hedonism of an unfurnished apartment Caughing caughing, all the emptly Oland cans covered in ciggarette ends- where are my ashtrays? I bought so many from thrift stores in Dartmouth, and now they're all gone. No shelves, all my movies carpeting the floor, small multiple towers of Babel around my empty fish tank with the subtle smell of rainsoaked pebbles. My computer over an upturned microwave box, beside a new pay-as-you-go phone with the Toto ringtone, a half deck of Peter Jackson reds, and my father's gold Omega Seamaster. An empty bottle of Pringles I didn't buy beside a half-empty bottle of Wiser's I did. And between my box desk, the wiser's and the Schwepp's, lies her copy of the Outsiders- I'm on page 42 and its not helping. Look at what I have to resort to, without you.. I can only imagine the musician who, having exusted the loquacious musings of his Suburban peers- having watched one too many Interpol/Metric/NMH dashed with occasional Nirvana, Lennon, and DFA- falls apart and picks up a 1.99 kinder guitar from Value Village. Carlo Meriano, Dave Plowman, and Mike Mcglennon self-proclaimed gunslingers have produced something here on this album- Toys are Just- something of a proviso for our Canadian pop explosion. Drink your fill of young people waving their hands in the air, tight jeans and so many flaccid rhymes, and your sure to wake up with a hangover. This EP is not the book, contains far less than you've grown accostomed to in little (non) smokey bars- Carlo Meriano wants to talk to someone, but only if they might flip to the back, skip the rotting meat..

- Jonathan Meriano


released August 24, 2010

Lyrics: Carlo Meriano
Music: Carlo Meriano, Dave Plowman , Michael Mcglennon
Recorded at Nook Studio, Toronto On



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Carlo Meriano Toronto, Ontario

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